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A Word from the Chairman

In the past year, thanks to the efforts of all our colleagues, Genii Idea has made substantial progress in promoting sustainability. Covering the three dimensions of environment, society, and corporate governance, we have conducted a thorough assessment of the company's current state and published our first sustainability report. Building on this foundation, we are committed to advancing towards sustainability and embarking on a journey of continuous improvement and optimization. To begin with, we will prioritize investments in our most crucial asset – “talent”. Employees are at the core of our Company, and in the past year, in addition to continuously establishing new external recruitment channels, we have also focused our resources on internal talent development and retention. This is of paramount importance in our sustainability efforts.

To enhance the quality of sustainable business operation and governance within the Company, it is crucial to cultivate executives who identify with the Company's vision and culture. In May 2022, I initiated the "Genii Idea Management Lecture Series" within the Company. Once per fortnight, I would personally lecture executives at or above the regional management level, sharing insights on leadership and management while communicating the Company's vision and culture. This instills a sense of purpose for our executives and reinforces the values we uphold. Another approach, starting in July, was to align the improvement of customer service quality with risk management. We introduced two major initiatives for both newcomers and experienced project service colleagues: "Onward! Newcomers" and "Weekly 20-Minute Onsite Real-time Training". Through the implementation of these two programs and courses, the goal is to strengthen our colleagues' professional training, reduce customer operational risks, and instill a clear understanding that we are all striving for our own happiness and well-being. In the end, we all benefit from our efforts. These programs continue to deepen and evolve.

“Sustainability”, in my perspective, is not just a metaphysical belief. I deeply understand that it requires several generations to transfer and practice, to achieve the continuity of all life forms and maintain a beautiful environment of vitality. Starting with ourselves, Genii Idea has initiated a sustainability mission. The road ahead may not be smooth, but we will not hesitate, even for a moment. We are committed to working for our own happiness, for each other's happiness, and for the continuous thriving of our planet's environment.



Sustainability Policy

In early 2022, the Company established its Sustainability Action Office to further deepen our commitment to sustainable business practices. The office collects trend information and practical examples to collaborate with various operational and executive departments within the Company to formulate effective policies that align with the nature of our business development. These policies encompass three key areas of sustainable development: "Talent Sustainability", "Service Carbon Reduction", and "Environmental Concerns". The office also collaborates with other departments and clubs at Genii Idea to engage in dialogues and communication with various stakeholders, driving the implementation of our sustainable vision and strategies.

Corporate Governance


Internal Mechanism for Sustainable Management

In our commitment to effective communication with both internal and external stakeholders, we underwent an organizational restructuring in 2022. As a result, we established the "Sustainability Action Office" directly reporting to the Board of Directors. The office is led by the Chief Sustainability Officer and Sustainability Managers, who have taken on the responsibility of consolidating internal carbon assessments, facilitating ESG initiatives across various departments, and formulating short, medium, and long-term sustainability objectives for relevant implementations. Our objective is to establish an ongoing communication channel with stakeholders through annual reviews and the issuance of sustainability reports, thereby enhancing the cohesiveness and transparency of our sustainability efforts.

To ensure that our ESG principles are not only embraced but also integrated into our day-to-day operations, we have taken additional steps. Beyond the personal involvement of the Chairman in visiting our offices across different regions to disseminate the ideals of sustainability, we have also provided ESG-related training to our mid and senior-level executives.

Social Participation

The Company adheres to the philosophy of giving back to the society what we take from it. We believe that rather than having individuals with noble ideals but lacking the capacity to accomplish everything due to limited resources, it is more effective for Genii Idea to take the lead in encouraging and guiding our colleagues to actively participate in various social activities. By uniting our collective strength, we aim to internalize a culture of corporate social responsibility and effectively implement the concept of giving back to society.


Public Welfare Trust - Sustainable Education Fund

“Public Welfare Trust – Sustainable Education Fund” was initiated by three founders: Chairman Tseng Guo-Chiang, Supervisor Chen Sheng-Biao, and Chief Operations Resource Officer Liao Pei-Chun. It was established as an expression of gratitude for the selfless dedication of mothers to their children and was inspired by the unconditional love inherent in nature that nurtures all living things. The Company has also actively participated in various collaborative efforts with the foundation.

DSC_5524 (1).jpg

Donation of Second-Hand Clothing

The Company launched the "Clothing Donation for Children in Remote Areas" initiative, encouraging employees to come together and sort out clothing that their children no longer wear but is still in good condition. The collected clothing includes items for both boys and girls, covering various age groups from toddlers to junior high school students. After the Company thoroughly cleans and organizes the clothing, it is then distributed to children in remote areas with heartfelt care and goodwill.

Environmental Protection

By taking concrete actions, Genii Idea has been proactively increasing its employees' awareness of environmental issues. These initiatives encompass organizing beach cleanup events, joining the Earth Hour campaign by turning off lights, and conducting weekly sustainability news sharing sessions as our way to gradually integrate environmental consciousness into employees' daily routines.


Public Service Beach Cleanup

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the immense pollution faced by our oceans. Both domestically and internationally, more and more people now pay attention to ocean conservation and reflection, leading to the initiation of beach cleanup activities. During the cool and pleasant early autumn weather, the Company also joined hands with colleagues to participate in a public service beach cleanup as a part of the “New Moon Music Festival”, encouraging our partners to engage in community service.

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