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Genius Solution for SEMI-EQ. 

Employee Welfare System

If you are willing to put in the effort, Genii Idea will reward you with bonuses that won’t disappoint.

Marriage allowance, health check allowance, flu vaccine allowance, family day allowance, travel allowance, maternity leave salary subsidy, childcare education allowance, home rental assistance, group insurance.

Subsidies and Allowances

Training System

Company language courses, external training institution language classes, language proficiency certificate subsidies.

Employee Welfare Committee

Afternoon tea allowance, bonuses for the three major festivals, marriage and bereavement subsidies, childbirth allowance, birthday benefits, hospitalization condolences fund.

Club Activities


 Volunteer Club

Participating in charitable activities not only allows us to contribute to society but also helps us to experience the spirit of "finding joy through helping others". This enriches our inner happiness and creates a positive cycle of positivity and goodness.


Outdoor Sports Club

We organize various group outdoor activities from time to time, allowing employees to relieve stress and relax from their busy lives. We hope to encourage more like-minded individuals to join us and together, enjoy the charm of nature.


Badminton Club

A group of badminton enthusiasts came together to establish a badminton club with the aim of promoting the sport of badminton at the Company. They regularly organize badminton competitions, allowing club members to compete, learn from each other, gain experience, and foster a strong sporting spirit.

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