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Genius Solution for SEMI-EQ. 


Processing Equipmen

Metal/Plastic Pipeline Automated Welding Machine

In 2022, we officially initiated the development project for automated laser welding machines for pipelines. We integrated both internal and external laser technology teams and established a project office at National Formosa University’s Incubation Center. Through the integration of our existing processing/materials/mechanical capabilities and the incorporation of external laser technology teams, we gradually built the necessary technical foundation for this development project. We also secured multiple application patents along the way and soon, our self-developed product series will be suitable for deployment in all high-tech facilities.


The pipeline laser automatic welding machine is a product that integrates laser technology, welding, automatic control, and mechanical capabilities. It is expected to significantly improve speed, quality, and cost-efficacy in response to the semiconductor industry's trend of rapidly establishing new production capacity. Through the incorporation of laser technology, we aim to effectively reduce energy waste. The equipment will come with an energy consumption tracking feature to assist customers in monitoring equipment energy consumption, facilitating greenhouse gas reporting, and providing customers with advantages in carbon reduction and precise energy management. This will enhance our company's and customers' ability to meet future ESG requirements.


Product features:

  • Concentrated welding energy that facilitates precise control of welding quality.

  • Short laser welding time helps to improve overall welding energy efficiency, with built-in energy consumption log.

  • Wireless remote-control module.


Metal Pipe Cutting Machine

To accelerate pipe cutting speed and ensure equipment safety in various scenarios, we have developed a standalone hydraulic pump-driven pipe cutting device. This innovative solution offers two significant advantages: time and labor savings. The device features custom metal molds to secure pipes, making it easy to collect and manage the cut pieces. Additionally, the standalone design of the equipment cart allows for convenient mobility, while the foot-operated cutting switch ensures effortless operation.

Product features:

  • Custom metal partition that makes for easy collection of cut pipe pieces, with safety features to prevent accidental contact with fingers.

  • Integrated cutting counter to enable users to record and keep track of cuts while providing maintenance reminders.

  • Foot-operated cutting switch enables effortless control of the cutting process.

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