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Optimal Solutions.

Corporate Visions

Genii Ideas Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. Our founding mission is to be the premier service provider for high-tech equipment optimization, as we are committed to being a platform that continuously enhances the capabilities of the technology industry. Starting with a focus on manufacturing equipment, the Company has expanded its offerings to include custom services such as factory engineering, equipment installation, component/consumables development and agency services. Our core competencies lie in materials science, laser optics, automation, and precision mold development, allowing us to provide immediate, innovative, and optimized business solutions tailored to our clients' needs. In 2021, we also obtained ISO 45001 certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. We will remain committed to optimizing our services, assisting clients in maintaining their competitive edge, and contributing to the ongoing development of the technology industry. With our core values of reflection, innovation, immediacy, and mutual benefit, we strive to consistently deliver leading global competitiveness to our clients.

Installation Services

Leave Everything to Us

We can handle process equipment from Tier 0 to Tier 1, and we have extensive experience in onsite installation. We provide one-stop services, from onsite installation and testing to acceptance, ensuring the timely delivery of your equipment.

Sophisticated Planning

Our technical team will tailor a precise installation plan and onsite layout that fully aligns with your requirements and needs.

Our Quality Services


Onsite Safety and Quality

With the ISO 45001 international occupational health and safety management system certification, our project execution quality can provide you with even greater peace of mind.


SEMI Membership

As a member of SEMI, we understand this industry and share the same vision as you, injecting new vitality into the technology sector together.

Core Values

Genii Ideas Co., Ltd.

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