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Genius Solution for SEMI-EQ. 

Industry-Academia Collaboration – Universities and Graduate Schools


To address the shortage of technical talent, the Company has established a development base within National Formosa University’s Incubation Center and initiated collaborative projects. These projects align with Genii Idea’s future pipeline technology development strategies, focusing on the development of equipment automation control systems and human-machine interfaces. With the guidance of professors, graduate student research teams closely collaborate with our development teams. This collaboration not only accelerates project development but also enables participating graduate students to gain practical experience while working closely with the company's development teams, thus continually strengthening Genii Idea's capacity to attract and integrate development talent.


“Onward To The Top Talent Cultivation Program” seals a million-dollar industry-academia cooperation agreement with National Taiwan University of Sport

Together with Sustainable Education Fund, the Company will be sponsoring scholarships for outstanding students from National Taiwan University of Sport’s College of Competitive Sports to nurture talents through pre-employment education and training programs. The aim is to provide future students interested in entering the semiconductor industry with pathways into the industry, not only through employment opportunities but also through industry-academia collaboration programs. These programs offer students more diverse range of opportunities before entering the workforce and allow them to be better prepared for their future careers.


Through this signing ceremony, we hope to encourage more businesses that share our vision to join us in giving back to society, ensuring that the spirit of "sustainable education" is passed down to future generations.

Technical Cultivation – High Schools and Vocational Schools


We are proactively establishing connections with specialized departments across Taiwan. Through partnerships between the industry and academia, we aim to offer valuable welfare resources and internship programs. Our goal is to strategically position individuals within Genii Idea, aligning their skills with the needs of our business for sustainable operations.


To tackle the long-standing issue of a severe shortage of skilled industry professionals, we have set up a specialized technical division. This division's primary goal is to provide comprehensive training and cultivate potential talents in the specific technical skills essential for job execution. Our aim is to identify and recruit the most suitable candidates who align with the Company's requirements.

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