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Genius Solution for SEMI-EQ. 

Inclusive Workplace

Adhering to the belief that employees are our "most valuable assets", we respect the uniqueness of each employee and endeavor to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

  1. We comply with labor, health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations in the locations where we operate, as well as relevant international standards.

  2. We prohibit the employment of child labor and forced labor, and we do not accept any suppliers who employ child labor or engage in forced labor.

  3. We respect labor freedom and strictly prohibit any form of forced labor.

  4. We provide safe and healthy working conditions and environments to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees.

  5. We promote labor-management cooperation, respect labor's freedom of association, and support collective bargaining rights.

  6. We respect the fundamental human rights of our employees and strictly prohibit any form of discrimination or derogatory behavior.

  7. We have reasonable production plans and work schedules, allowing for appropriate working hours and rest periods for our employees.

  8. We provide fair and legal compensation and benefits to meet the basic needs of our employees.

  9. We have communication channels both internally and externally to ensure fair and comprehensive information disclosure.

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