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Genius Solution for SEMI-EQ. 


Manufacturing Process

Piping Inspection System

We've established a multifunctional piping technology group, which serves as a hub for training and talent acquisition within the industry. Here's how it works: First, technical personnel receive foundational training at various educational institutions before they join the group for advanced training. They will gain practical experience by working at customer sites while receiving continuous guidance and instruction from our in-house experts. This approach expedites the development of skilled service professionals. Over time, we've systematically built an advanced knowledge base in piping technology and an onsite education and training system. This comprehensive program not only offers advanced and ongoing technical training to our existing suppliers but also contributes to elevating the quality of service personnel in the technology sector, thereby supporting the industry's advancement.

In addition to advanced technical training environments for existing piping technology industry professionals, the Company also offers training environments and an operational certification system for its future product series. This provides a comprehensive training and certification framework that not only accelerates the familiarity of industry professionals with the operation of our product series, but also plays a critical role in offering customers higher quality and faster on-site fluid pipeline installation services. The related courses and presentations serve as vital channels for product improvement feedback, assisting Genii Idea in continuously optimizing its equipment. This enables onsite piping technology service personnel to provide more efficient services to customer.



This product is designed to enable personnel to perform quick inspection of whether the welds in pipelines meet the factory standards without the need for power supply, measurements, readings, or calculations. Users will be able to easily grasp the inspection principles and intuitively complete the weld inspection.


Product features:

  • Suitable for commonly used pipe diameters in the factory, with lightweight design for easy portability.

  • Simple, convenient, and quick to operate, it enables intuitive identification of welds for compliance.

  • Although the coating will gradually wear off with use, it can be recalibrated and coated to offer high reusability.


This product is designed to expedite the pre-removal process of pipelines by quickly marking the pipes for removal, reducing the labor burden of pipe inspection.


Product features:

  • Built to speed up the pipe marking process for current operators.

  • Lightweight design constructed with aluminum alloy for easy portability.

  • A simple and convenient tool that enables fast marking and covering.

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