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Genius Solution for SEMI-EQ. 


Device Consumables

Pipe device consumables Klaws

This is a solution we have developed to address the common issue of metal clamp corrosion due to its conductivity and exposure to moisture and acidic substances. It also weighs 60% less than other products. Designed for easy carrying for users. It is built with a special rotating knob that users can use to secure a pipe without the need for other tools.

Product features:

  • Constructed with corrosion-resistant material, the device is resistant to environmental corrosion, moisture and dust-free without any rust issues.

  • The waste materials (product) can be recycled and is thus more environmentally friendly.

  • The material is lightweight and non-conductive, ensuring convenience and safety.

  • Pipeline fixation can be accomplished without tools, even in confined spaces.


Pipe device consumables HexaKap

This product offers a solution to the problem of effectively connecting pipelines in confined spaces within equipment and GAS BOX while ensuring consistent joint stress during the connection process.

Product features:

  • Structural breakage indicates that the joint has met the safety airtightness requirements. The design ensures consistent breakage points and suppresses the generation of fragments.

  • This product can be used as a marker to be retained on VCR joints. It can be secured with cable ties to prevent slipping and allow for visual inspection of the joint's tightness.

  • When used as a marker on VCR joints and combined with protective caps, it enhances visibility and identification.


Equipment device consumables Space Slicer

This product is designed to maintain the cleanliness of equipment end panels, wafers, and other high-purity products during their entry and exit, reducing particle adhesion to the products. It achieves separation between the inside and outside environments of the storage system, maintaining the cleanliness inside the equipment chamber.

Product features:

  • Reduces particle adhesion and provides a barrier between the internal and external environment.

  • The bi-directional intake and special exhaust port ensures uniform and consistent airflow.

  • The dual chamber is designed to stabilize pressure and flow while reducing exhaust noise.

  • Easy and convenient installation with customizable lengths to meet specific requirements.

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